International laws do not solve Iraq’s water problem

The International Institute for Water, Environment and Health, in Geneva, approved that Iraq’s resort to international laws cannot solve its financial problem.

The director of the institute, Nidal Salim, told “Green Iraq” that the water situation in Iraq is a reflection of the political situation in the region, noting that the problem is gradually exacerbating due to an increase in demand and a shortage in supply, and it is exacerbated more and more with the problem of climate change.

And Salim indicated that Iraq always talks about its international water rights, while we should not mention those rights in terms that create a problem, but what creates integration, because international laws have not solved a problem over the past decades, and our countries are not Europe that is governed by laws, but rather by customs, religion and diversity. To be a substitute for international laws that are like a weapon that deals politically and moves each country against the other.

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