Electronic waste is the most widespread in every Iraqi houses

The Green Iraq observatory on Sunday said that Iraq lacks e-waste recycling, including electronic waste containing precious metals.

The observatory described electronic waste as one of the fastest-growing and most prevalent types of waste found in every Iraqi household.

In a statement received , the observatory said that on International E-Waste Day, electronic waste, a byproduct of electronic equipment consumption, has become a global environmental concern.

It stressed that the volume of electronic waste being improperly disposed of annually worldwide reaches around 50 million tons, posing significant risks to human health and the environment.

The observatory explained, “Iraq is one of the countries lacking e-waste recycling, including precious electronic waste metals.” It emphasized that recycling such waste not only protects the environment and human health but also boosts the economy by providing numerous employment opportunities for job seekers.

“Discarded electronic devices, or e-waste, are the fastest-growing and most common waste category in every household, primarily because many people hold onto these items rather than selling or recycling them,” it said.

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